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Is nomad going to be year 3.
Bird Box 2.00 like if you agree ⬇ ⬇.
Thanks Bob for the video! Does Wayne typically camp in national or state campgrounds with full hookups? And 2) What kind of van does he use to pull the trailer? His camper is a nice size.

Nerf wind bastion.

Your silence is my favorite sound -Billie Eilish

Nobody: Netflix: Bird box + Quiet place: The Silence. I love Stanley Tucci so I'll definitely be watching this. I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan was born to play an evil cowboy. Sees gunshots in car windows Me: Oh boy -Josh Otusanya. Take a shot every time someone leaves an original comment about how this is bird box + a quiet place 🙄. I feel kinda pround that i'm from the same country as nomad XD Morocco. SAMSUNG.


HI Wayne my wife and I say hello from Canada. BEST layout for a single man and you should mention that the van gives you a few days away to explore while people keep an eye on the trailer at BML or other. We hope to meet interesting people like you on the road when we retire in 2019. Bob should be on a Radio station doing interviews and oldies. LOVE that Radio voice. Sensor my deprivation horror is officially the new frontier, huh.

What type of van/vehicle that Wayne is using

FORCE WILL BE WITH U. Quiet place: cant talk 🙊 Bird box: cant look 🙈 Next movie: cant smell🤧.