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Trotzdem kann man es lesen, und verbessern, bevor man es abschickt. Now that I look at this trailer, it appears that they spoiled a lot: they spoiled that the Winter Soldier is Bucky, that Nick Fury dies, that the Hellicarriers shoot at each other and fall and that Cap wins the elevator fight. Good thing that the Endgame trailer is not that spoilery.


In the beginning black widow is basically describing Santa Claus.

2:40 I didnt know Pennywise was in Hollyoaks

I am so ready for the spider man jokes about to come in😂😂. Nice aber nix geht über Casper, der freundliche Geist aus der Stadt. Bet if you'd told someone 10 years ago that a Captain America movie was more badass than a Superman movie they'd probably laugh in your face. Marvels the best. Those are some quality driving skills. Omg omg! Merry Christmas to me! I can not contain my excitement. I want to see this movie so bad. Warren going home wtf... I really can't deal with all this drama. 's gonna be so good but so hard to take in. . Da war die Welt noch in Ordnung Vermisse die 90er. I could watch this over and over and never get bored of it.




Let's be honest the only good thing about the first movie was Charlize Theron. This movie looks so much better. The british soldier looks like mac miller lolz. I cant believe its going to 2019 it feels so Long ago that Ive seen this trailer. Warren and John Paul have had more come backs than take that! Lol, hope Warren doesn't stay for long but don't mind John Paul! That said I love Hollyoaks.



I was expected Mercury's song on background. Sieht ganz ok aus ich liebe das skaten. Counting the days until i go to see this wonderful movie staring  my favorite Actor Colin Farrell.

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You make the most yummy looking dishes, and Camp is so pretty. 2:17 A fire in the Nightingale household. I heard it's rough for them this christmas. @lev924 It is. Believe me i've watched it before. I live in the Netherlands that's why. Oh snap Holder is back. Joel Kinnaman 😘😘💜. This woullda had way more views if people remembered tom Hollands name i feel like XD. Link, Winter,in. LikeFree! Winter inOnlineFree. DVD RIP Winter in Havana Winter in Havana in hindi download 480p… Watch* Winter*in*Havana} Online*Tribute. Avengers:Infinity War trailer did any one😎.

This gives me goosebump everytime

Out here binge watching marvel trailers. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I'm downsizing and preparing to take the show on the road. I've learned so much from watching you two soul beauties. Yum recipes I've copied too. Wishing you all the best. ❤❤.